If you would like us to promote your bar, restaurant, café, hotel - No worries. It will be our pleasure.

How Print Waiter Promotions Works

It's a simple process. Once you have received your menu or promotional hospitality material, all you have to do is drop us an email and like us, follow us. That starts the publicity process.

We will Promote You for Free

We will use the digital version of your Print Waiter files, a few details about your offering and that's it, we use our social media network to grab attention for you. 

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

You don't have to worry about bad publicity, you have gorgeous Print Waiter printed materials, everyone is loving your new look menu. Now we will show the World for you. 

Print Waiter was easy, fun and the fully-customisable menus allowed me to add my items,
but it didn't let me ruin the designs, so it looked great and they are working a treat