Print Waiter Menu Designs - Follow Fashion, Architecture, Interior Design, Special Occasions, Trending Colourways, Seasons, Beauty and of course Food.

Do you Lead or Follow Design Trends? Print Waiter do Both

When it comes to menu design, there are rules, tips and inspiration in the section 6 Powerful Menu Design Tips, but those aside, it is incredibly important to keep up with Global design trends and fashion trends in general. Following fashion may not be your cup of tea, but it can make a huge difference to your bottom line. However, sometimes just knowing your customers' taste is enough to make an impact.

At Print Waiter we review award-winning Global designs, we look at the very best architecture awards, we delve into interior design trends and awards, we keep current, we stay ahead of the wave so that you have the best choices for your menu. If a season (or an occasion) has a trending colourway, you will find designs that use these colours beautifully and promote your business to your customers perfectly.

Most restaurants stay just ahead of the game with their food and service. Restaurant menus should be no different. The design can have a very positive influence on new customers and make them feel safe in their potential choice. It's amazing how often potential customers look into a restaurant and decide there and then whether or not to enter the establishment. A beautiful design can do so much more than whet people's appetites. 

"When our Print Waiter menu and poster designs arrived,
our customers were as impressed as we were."