Print Waiter Menus follow Best Practice for Allergy Labelling

Allergen Labelling - Guidance

It is quite simple, you want your customers to be healthy and happy when they are in your establishment. We all do. Unfortunately, some customers have very serious allergies to certain ingredients (Allergens). At Print Waiter we believe in Best Practice for ourselves, which means Best Practice for your establishment too. After all, we want you to stand out as being at the top of your game, we want your customers to recommend you, we want your business to succeed and to grow because let’s face it, your success is also in our interest as well isn’t it.

Please remember, when you design a menu on Print Waiter, please use the + button next to each of your dishes’ descriptions that contain key allergens, this button allows you to add key allergen advice icons. When your food contains allergens, as well as adding the allergen icons onto your ingredients on the menu, please ensure that your serving staff are aware of which dishes contain which allergen, or ensure that they can ask the chef or alternate knowledgeable member of staff, this is the personal and professional way to deal with all customers.

We're here to make things easier for you and your business. However, as we are sure you can understand, because our clients add their own content, (which is the whole point of the fully-customisable menu) Print Waiter cannot accept responsibility for content and labelling.

Now it gets a bit more technical…

Food allergen labelling and information requirements under the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011: Technical Guidance 10th April 2015, Revision 1. Current revisions may be available from

Guidance for businesses providing non-prepacked and prepacked for direct sale foods. For restaurants, cafés, fast food outlets, delicatessens, butchers, bakeries, institutional and other types of caterers.

Non-prepacked food
The information below provides guidance and best practice examples on the provision of allergen ingredients information for non-prepacked (such as meals served in a restaurant or café) and includes prepacked for direct sale foods (such as meals prepacked in a canteen for consumption on or off the premises, cheese or meat sold loose from a delicatessen counter, bread or pies sold at bakeries or meat and meat products at butchers and packed at the consumer’s request).

All mandatory allergen ingredients information (Article 9 (1) (c)) should be available and easily accessible for the consumer. The rules for non-prepacked food came into effect on 13 December 2014. Businesses should review ingredients information for foods provided by them and ensure that their suppliers provide them with the necessary information to meet their obligations. The requirements are based on the following articles: Article 8 on responsibilities. Article 9 on the list of mandatory particulars (see p11-12 for list of 14 allergens).

Articles 12 and 13 on availability and presentation of mandatory particulars. Article 21 on labelling of certain substances or products causing allergies or intolerances. Article 44 on national measures for non-repacked food. Article 14 on distance selling 75. Individuals who are not food businesses, for example those who occasionally provide food at charity events or voluntary cake sales, do not need to follow these requirements.

More Information on Food Allergy Labelling

If you are a charity or community food provider and unsure whether you should be registered as a food business, you can speak to your local authority’s environmental health department. Further guidance is
also available in the FSA’s guidance document:
Community and charity food provision - guidance on the application of EU food hygiene law’.

For detailed best practice guidance on allergen management for non-prepacked food, please see
Food Standards Agency Scotland’s Cooksafe - Food Safety Assurance Scheme.
(Please note responsibility for CookSafe was transferred to Food Standards Scotland after 1 April 2015)

The full ‘Articles’, pages and details mentioned above are on the full document, which is available here. Print Waiter cannot accept responsibility for allergen advice or for our clients’ menus. This information was correct at the time this section was written, updates may be available from Food Standards Agency.

If you are outside the UK, please seek allergen labelling advice from your local Food Standards Agency. For a friendly, easy to understand version, there is a good leaflet from the UK Government, please click here.