"I told my customers about a local wine with a tent card and had to re-stock again and again"

Perfect Weight Paper Stock

A weight off your mind. Tent cards have to be solid enough to stand on their own. They are three-sided and at Print Waiter, we don't offer anything that doesn't do what it is designed to do.

Complementary Designs

Each style that we offer has a full range of complementary products. Posters, tent cards, coasters and a variety of menu styles. Whatever you need it will fit beautifully into our templates.

Tent Card - Business Best Practice

Why order tent cards? Put simply, a well-designed table talker is invaluable to your business. Promote special evenings, local produce, set menus, offers, without having to disturb your customers.

Latest Tent Cards
We now have table talkers that we were proud to put on our tables. Thanks Print Waiter.