Pricing and Delivery of Professional Print Waiter Menus, Tent Cards, Posters and Coasters

Delivery Types

Standard 7 Day
Free - Delivery by UPS
Shipped: Within 4 business days
Estimated arrival: 7 days.


3 Day Delivery
£12.99 (exc VAT)
Shipped: Next business day
Estimated arrival: 3 days from the order date.


Express Printing and Delivery
£25.49 (exc VAT)
Order received before 11am will be despatched same day for delivery.
Orders received after 11am will be despatched the next business day.

Our normal method of delivery is through UPS or Royal Mail (unless specifically agreed otherwise).

Delivery - The Details

Print Waiter will do our absolute best to process your order and manufacture your Goods within the time frame listed on this website. However, occasionally, manufacturing and delivery time can vary or deviate slightly due to unforeseen circumstances such as really, really bad weather for example - At which point we will let you know exactly what is going on and why.
The menus, or printed hospitality matter, should arrive in perfect condition, so please, check the packaging and then check the actual contents as soon as they arrive. It is unlikely that they will be delivered damaged, but if they are, you should note it and send them back. You have a guarantee of course. 

Where do you Deliver?
Print Waiter deliver across the known World, our print home is currently the UK, so delivery to UK, Northern Ireland and Mainland Europe addresses are standard.

Do you Deliver Internationally?
Yes we do, however there are associated shipping costs, for example mainland Europe is printed and shipped within 4 days from order and costs £27.50 (exc VAT). We would recommend that you contact us for more details or to double check details.

Who will Deliver my Designs?
Print Waiter only use UPS and Royal Mail, our trusted courier services with options on days. We deliver every day apart from Sundays with additional fees for express delivery. Our prices for delivery start at free. Yes, there is Free 4 Day service on every item, where it is printed and shipped in a turnaround of 4 days, and will arrive in 7 days via UPS. Quicker options are available.

Pricing - The Details

Remember that you are not paying for an expensive design agency, yet your items will look completely personalised and totally professional. The prices below include everything (except VAT), so that is the customised designs, full printing, cutting, packing and Free 4 day delivery - Other delivery options are available.

If you have a Print Your Own Account, you can download your menu and print it yourself in-house or with a local printer, unlimited menu downloads and unlimited edits for just £220 per year.

If you have a Free Account, your final price depends on the number of items you order, which of the 3 stocks you choose, your delivery choice and the finish, but as an example:

25 Customised A4 Menus, on Premium stock with printing on both sides, matt and no lamination will cost just £50. Print Waiter operate on an economy of scale, so if you were to order more, the price per unit drops. If you were to order fewer menus the price per unit increases slightly, whereas 200 menus (spec as above) will cost just £190 including Free 4 day delivery.

Tent Cards
10 Customised A6 triangular tent cards, on premium stock, die cut with double-sided tape for quick assembly are only £50 including Free 4 day delivery. With our economy of scale, 500 will cost just £240, including the customisable design, printing and delivery.

5 A3 Customised Posters on Premium Stock will cost just £8 printed and delivered in 4 days.

Drinks Coasters
50 Customised coasters with rounded corners on board are just £60 including Free 4 day delivery. Using the Print Waiter economy of scale 500 personalised coasters are just £240 including Free 4 day delivery.

All of our designs offer complete customisation so that any customer would think that you have had these items designed specifically for you. They are guaranteed, and they are printed by a company with over 165 years experience of delivering excellence to the hospitality trade.

The prices shown are exclusive of VAT.