Our very, very happy print and menu design guarantee.

Your Happiness

We want you to be happy...And we want you to be so impressed that you will carry on using Print Waiter for years to come, and recommend us. So we try hard to ensure you are really happy with your service.

Help is at Hand

However, if something should go wrong, we have a very tidy way to fix things – we have a rather efficient but lovely Director of Customer Services and she makes absolutely sure everyone is happy with their order.

We’re Professional Printers

If you are not completely happy, just contact our team as soon as you can.

We will try our hardest to help.

We promise.

Our Easy and Friendly Approach to Any Issues

1 - Contact us. Phone or email is fine, just let us know what the problem is.

2 - We will respond. We're here to answer your calls and emails during our rather long business hours. However, should the right person not be available, we do promise to respond by the end of the following working day.

3 - We will fix it. We can priority reprint your order, or we can give you a credit to place a new order yourself, for free. Whatever happens, we will deliver a brand new, correct order. It’s normally that easy.

If we can't fix the problem - it doesn't happen often, but there are very rare occasions, because we want you to be “Really, really happy!” 

If we really can't fix the issue at all, we will refund your money. 

Due to the nature of Print Waiter Menus and printed items being fully-customised by our clients, prior to our printing process, we are sure that you will understand that we cannot accept returns for anything other than faulty goods or if there is a problem with the print. We are sorry about this, and we do everything possible to ensure you are happy.

If you ever need us we are here to help. Call our helpline from 7am until 11pm.

"As PW say – We were ‘Very, Very Happy’ with the service, the menu quality and the delivery"