"This is the first time the technical process has been made easy. Delighted with the results too."

The Whole Process

Step one – To Start
• Choose the item you require, for example; Products → Menus.
This takes you to over 100 designs. All designs are fully-customisable. If you click the heart on the menu, this adds it to Your Account as a favourite.

Step 2 – Choose a Menu Style
Clicking on a menu brings up a larger preview showing each page’s design. Is the design right for you?
What size menu and how many pages? - If you’re not sure on this, how many items you are offering? how many sections do you need? Try to make it spacious for a quality menu.
Click the icon of the menu size and number of pages.
Click Go Design

Step 3 – Make the Menu Yours
The menu editor will appear – The fun part.
You can add your logo, or just type in a name. Change titles ie 'Starters' to 'Appetisers' or anything you want. The magnifying glass + and – allow you to zoom in and out.
Give your menu a title (write over Temporary name) on the tab above the menu design) - This name doesn’t appear on the menu, it is to make it easy to find this menu in Your Account whenever you want to edit or order.
Next (at the bottom) takes you to the next page, or use the page numbers to navigate.
Add your items, add your descriptions, add your prices, add your contact details and social media details - That's the design done.
Check the PDF Proof – It’s better quality - see your menu looking great.
When you’re ready, click Proceed.

Step 4 – How would you like yours?
Do you want to Print it Yourself or Professional Print?
To download and print your menu in-house you need the Print Your Own Account. To send the menu to a quality professional printer choose Professional Print, sign up for the Free account.
Professional Print Option – Select your paper. Choose the number of items. You'll see the price - Click Checkout. 

Step 5 – Order
You'll be asked for any specific details - checking you will receive everything you need, exactly requested. Details for delivery and payment are standard, safe and easy.

Creating your own menu is very easy. If you have any problems, contact our Customer Services team.