How does a unique, professionally designed menu sound? From £99 per page, it should sound incredible. Expertly designed menus are not just beautiful they are designed to boost sales. The finished menu will be yours to edit and order whenever you want.

Our Designers Work for You

Save time, stress and money. Print Waiter’s experts will do everything for you.

We’re Here to Help

Easy, quick and professional.We just need a few details to get going.

1. The type of menu you want (Dinner/Drinks/Summer etc), your logo, any other relevant details and a list of items for the menu.

2. An expert will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the brief and check details.

3. Our award-winning team will design specifically to your brief, ensuring your menu is unique and perfect for your establishment. We want you to be completely satisfied, 2 rounds of changes are included.

4. Your custom-designed menu is added to your account. As with all Print Waiter items, it is fully-editable as many times as you want.

Data input option - We are happy to serve.

If you would like help inputting your menu items or data, we can help by using a printed menu, word document or digital copy and input your items into the design, ask for a quote.

Menu Design Service FAQs

How do I start the Menu Design Process?

Starting the Menu Design Services is quick and easy. Send us an email or WeTransfer with the simple information requested below, or any information you have to hand.

1 - Your logo

2 - Relevant info (i.e. type of restaurant, price) Don’t forget to add your contact details.

3 - Menu type (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, drinks, specials)

4 – Menu size and number of pages (this can be discussed if you’re not sure)

5 – Any other details or design requests (ie table talkers, posters, drinks coasters)

You can attach your menu data and any images you would like to include when you email Print Waiter –

When our design team have received your information and an expert has spoken to you to approve the brief, we will start your design.

Do you provide a menu consultation service? 

Our team use your complete menu data, experienced design skills and industry standards to design the menus. Unfortunately, we can not help with pricing strategy, food cost analysis or menu data. We can feature and highlight menu items and sections that you indicate, and we can include menu icons to denote special menu items.

Can I add my logo and photography?

Yes. We design with your needs at the heart of everything we do. These can be sent to us on an email to or WeTransfer.  If you would like, these can be changed any time you want to edit your menu – i.e. you can add a photograph of a seasonal special or add a new logo etc. 

How long does the Menu Design Process take?

From approval of your brief it takes two working days, plus a short time for any amends you may require. These can be professionally printed and delivered to you within 4 working days (24 hours at a small additional cost) or choose the Print Your Own Account.

What is included in the Price of the Menu Design Process?

Our team will design based on the brief you provide. They will enter your menu data into our online Menu system. Two rounds of design revisions are offered. Our Customer Service team will then show you how the menu was entered and how it can be edited anytime your menu items change. Printing and delivery is not included, or there is always the Print Your Own Account, details here.

What happens after I approved the menu?

Your custom designed menu will be uploaded to your private account section on Log in with your details and you can edit the menu, order printed copies or if you are a Print Your Own Account holder, you can download a high-resolution PDF to print yourself or have printed locally. The menu is yours. It is unique. It will not be available for others to see or use. 

Can I have this printed on any paper with any finish?

Any bespoke paper selections are available - There are 3 choices of quality paper and three choices of paper coating that are available without ordering bespoke. These are to be found in the section about our incredible quality – here. With your menu, anything is possible.

Your Artwork Printed

At Print Waiter we love creativity, we actively encourage it. So, we thought, why not mix your creativity and our printing, and by magic ‘Uploading of Your Own Artwork’ was born.

Your Menu, Fully Editable

If you have an existing menu that you love, Print Waiter can create a fully-editable version, where you can change/add/remove items, prices and rewrite descriptions.

Bespoke Printing

Print Waiter have lots of template options - but if none of these are right for your design, our Bespoke team are ready to take your call. Quick, professional service guaranteed.